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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest provided an endless opportunity for fishing and hunting. Ever since I can remember, my Dad would have me walk the fields for pheasants or tossed around in our 18’ glasply. Needless to say, fishing and hunting has always played a major part in my life.  

After finishing college, I followed my fishing dream to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. There, I commercially fished crab for seven years. It was then, during the off-season, that I fell in love with the Columbia River. I spent most of my time during the spring, summer and fall, on the Columbia.

After putting in my time from Astoria to the Upper Columbia River, I decided to put my extensive knowledge to good use and became a guide.

In 2015, we started waterfowl guiding. By the following season, we hired our Lead Hunting Guide, Logan Swank, who helped Peterson's Northwest Guide become Western Washington’s top waterfowl guide service. 

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